TextualETL provides either a standalone or cloud-based, collaborative text conversion and analytics solution that enables the extraction, transformation, and loading of textual content from any source to maximize the business value of your big data content.  The TextualETL engine is a software platform with multiple modules and a customizable interface to quickly and accurately process large amounts of unstructured text data including any type of document, social media, survey responses, streams of customer requests, email, contracts, and any other electronic text.











Forest Rim has been perfected TextualETL over the years to provide a seamless out-of-the-box experience. Key features include:

  • Advanced mappings for metadata, document definitions, and more
  • Automatic or custom scheduling of migration
  • Rollback action options
  • Document reference handling by ID
  • Advanced completion options
  • Built-in scripting to handle custom requirements
  • Configure and reuse definitions and rules to reduce the time, cost, and complexity of your migration and conversion
  • Document threading and ability to add additional processing servers ensures scalability and performance by optimizing the throughput of documents

Easily Convert and load all of your Document and Content Feed Types


Leverage our subject matter expertise to create custom document definitions

Map definitions

Customize the system to apply definitions across all documents

maximize performance

Maximize conversion performance by refining custom metadata definitions

Maintain homogeneity

Maintain the application of consistent rules and definitions across all data feeds and sets

Flexible and customizable

Utilize the flexibility and customization of TextualETL configuration to scale quickly

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