Video: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: In the past, organizations could not make good decisions because the information was not sorted. Data Warehouse allows companies to make the right decisions based on comprehensive and organized information.

Data Warehouse is the basis for the coupling of information. Later this information is used by Business Intelligence for analytical processes and display this information.

By implementing Data Warehouse companies get their Corporate Data, ie relevant cost information, customers or product lines. No Corporate Data managers see their companies in parts and not as they really are.

A consultant is worth its weight in gold because it is the best partner for an organization to successfully implement a business intelligence solution . Only he knows where and how to cope. According to Bill, Intellego has some of the best consultants with whom he has worked.

Video Interview: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

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Bill Inmon

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Best known as the “Father of Data Warehousing”, Bill Inmon has become the most prolific and well-known author worldwide in the data warehousing and business intelligence arena. In addition to authoring more than 50 books and 650 articles, Bill has been a monthly columnist with the Business Intelligence Network, EIM Institute and Data Management Review. In 2007, Bill was named by Computerworld as one of the "Ten IT People Who Mattered in the Last 40 Years" of the computer profession.
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