Forest Rim Technology, is a Castle Rock, Colorado company founded in 2003 by Bill Inmon. Forest Rim Technology is a pioneer in creating a software technology known as TextualETL™.

TextualETL™ uses textual disambiguation© which is a proprietary software process that reads narrative text and edits that text into a standard database format so that analytical processing can be done on the text. Textual disambiguation is useful wherever there is narrative information that needs to be analyzed by a computer such as in health care records, corporate contracts, call center dialogue, warranty claims, marketing research, and many more places. Textual disambiguation does not use NLP techniques or processing. Textual disambiguation operates in many foreign languages. Textual disambiguation has access to and takes advantage of 49,000 taxonomies and ontologies set in 16 major languages spread over 4.3 million terms. Textual disambiguation is able to handle all forms of text such as formal text, slang, shorthand, tweets, email, comments fields, and many more forms of text.

TextualETL™ operates on standard platforms, such as Windows or Linux, and reads and operates on all forms of electronic text. TextualETL™ produces out in any standard form of data base including Oracle, Teradata, DB2, SQL Server, Hadoop, Netezza, and many more. TextualETL™ reads text in any form of electronic text, including .txt and .doc.

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