Textual Disambiguation Classes
A three day master class/certification class taught by Bill Inmon

About the class:

Textual, unstructured data is everywhere. For years organizations have made decisions based solely on their structured data. But with the advent of Big Data, no longer can organizations afford to ignore their unstructured, textual data. The key to being able to unlock the secrets found in your unstructured data is textual disambiguation. Now you can start to do analytical processing on your textual, unstructured data. Now that your organization has collected huge amounts of unstructured data thanks to the Big Data vendors, you can learn how you can start to turn that unstructured data into actionable decisions in your corporation.

What you will learn:

  • What is textual disambiguation and why is it important
  • How can I start to achieve Business Value from my Big Data implementation
  • What is meant by the different forms of unstructured, textual data
  • How do I do textual contextualization (and why do I need to do textual contextualization)
  • What kinds of applications can I now do that I could never do before
  • How do I interface unstructured data and unstructured data
  • How do I do unstructured interpretation (and why do I need to do it)
  • How do I do unstructured data standardization (and why do I need to do it)
  • What is preventive litigation and why is it important to my organization
  • How do I set the stage for analytical processing on the unstructured, textual data
  • What tools do I need to do analytic processing against unstructured data
  • What is filtering, how do I do it, and why do I need it

On the third day of the class you can bring your own samples of textual data and they will be processed in the class. You can see for yourself the power of the knowledge that the transformation of unstructured data can bring your organization.

Who should attend our Classes?

  • Anyone concerned with getting business value out of Big data
  • System developers
  • System managers
  • Top management
  • System analysts
  • Programmers
  • Designers

This is a general purpose, hands on workshop/course for a wide audience. Any one struggling with the task of getting their money’s worth out of Big Data should attend.


Being in the Big Data environment – managing, developing, using or people who have a need for doing analytic processing on a foundation of unstructured text – really helps.


Day 1 $575, Day 2 $575, Day 3 Free NOTE: The first two days of this course have a cost. The third day is free because specific technology will be discussed. Students for the first two days have a priority for attendance for the third day.


To register you can contact Bonnie Colonna at 303-722-0650 or email her at bcolonna33@msn.com or register on our webpage.

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