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Your TextualETL™ Proof of Concept

In a proof of concept, Forest Rim accepts your documents, maps them to TextualETL, processes the documents, and then produces a relational data base from them. We can also create visualizations and other forms of analytical processing, including Textual Business Intelligence.

Here are the steps in our Proof of Concept:

  • Highlight the Business Value.  Discuss and determine the business value to your business.  What will you gain by converting your unstructured data into value data that can be analyzed and interpreted for the benefit of your business.
  • Preview the documents to be processed to determine approximate time and effort to map and process the data through TextualETL.
  • Schedule the Proof of Concept (POC) based on the availability of bandwidth and resources.
  • Forest Rim receives your full document packet. Usually between 50-100 documents, but could be more or less.
  • Forest Rim process the documents through our hosted TextualETL system.
  • Schedule and perform an online review of the results. The review includes an explanation of the mapping and system configuration process and a demonstration of how TextualETL processes your data.

Other circumstances:

The cost of a POC is based on the number of documents processed. In many cases, the cost of the POC can be rolled over towards the cost of implementing your licensed production system or annual SaaS subscription.

Schedule a GO-TO-MEETING session
Schedule your Webex or GotoMeeting session today to explore the options:
We will show you examples of what has been done with TextualETL™.
Explore the ways that TextualETL™ can leverage your unstructured data.
Please contact Forest Rim to schedule your demo or POC today.
TextualETL™ is being explored in countries all over the world including Australia, South America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

Whatever your business challenge may be around your unstructured data, we are confident that one of our solutions will fit your needs.  
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