Textual ETL

Our TextualETL™ Solution

FOREST RIM® has developed a technology that can stand alone or be combined with other products and tools to provide a complete solution for your business or organization.  TextualETL™ may be purchased as a software license, leased, or via our SaaS model (software-as-a-service).

Licensing TextualETL™:  There is a onetime license fee and an annual fee for support, updates, and maintenance. The product is licensed on a per core/per CPU equivalent basis (e.g. 1 CPU=4 cores / 64 core CPU=16 CPU equivalent) and can be used as often as desired with any amount of users. The license can be transferred to another processor upon notifying FOREST RIM®. Software updates are included in the annual maintenance fee. Training, implementation, and upgrades are additional.

Software Leasing:  TextualETL™ can be leased on a monthly, annual, or five year basis.

SaaS:  TextualETL™ can be purchased “by the drink”.  TextualETL™ is hosted in our robust, scale-able cloud environment and provides an OPEX solution for our customers.  Our customers have the option of managing their data on our infrastructure.  We use highly effective methods to secure your data. There is no training, maintenance, or upgrade required. There is a onetime setup fee, and a monthly fee based on the amount of raw textual data being processed (per gigabyte/terabyte).

Below are some additional, optional tools and a brief explanation of their uses.

TextualETL™ Optional Tools:

Email Interface (Stands alone or combined with other products) – This product reads & edits email and removes irrelevant ones.

Spreadsheet Interface (Stands alone or combined with other products.) – Reads and collects textual data from spreadsheets.

Data base Record Filter (Stands alone or combined with other products.) – Reads output from TextualETL™ and selects appropriate records.

Preprocessor Module (Stands alone or combined with other products.) – Reads raw text and edits it for spelling, typos, acronym resolution, etc.

Acronym Libraries – These optional libraries are used to increase the efficiency of your data integration. You can customize these data bases for the usage of TextualETL™ on your data.There are one-time, unlimited use fees for these libraries.

  • Common acronyms
  • Business acronyms
  • Medical acronyms
  • Legal acronyms

Visualization (Stands alone or combined with other products.) – Our visualization product creates Self Organizing Maps (SOM) for quickly visualizing text in order to compare or contrast the relevancy of the data to be examined. It produces output unto itself.

Textual Business Intelligence (Stands alone or combined with other products.) – An analytical tool designed for searching the output of TextualETL™.

Whatever your business challenge may be around your unstructured data, we are confident that one of our solutions will fit your needs.  
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