Evolution to the Data Lakehouse

The Original Data Challenge With the proliferation of applications came the problem of data integrity. The problem with the advent of large numbers of applications was that the same data appeared in many places with different values. In order to make a decision, the user had to find WHICH version of the data was the right one to use among […]


Big Data started out as a replacement for data warehouse. The Big Data vendors are loathe to mention this fact today. But if you were around in the early days of Big Data, one of the central topics that was discussed was – if you have Big Data do you need a data warehouse? From a marketing standpoint Big Data […]


Long ago I stopped advertising myself as the ”father of data warehouse” . In fact I haven’t done much pioneering work in data warehouse in years. But occasionally Barry Devlin appears and claims that he is the father of data warehousing. The implication is that Barry is responsible for the concept of data warehousing. I choose to not deal with […]

Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse: Architecture, Analysis, and Design

Learn essential techniques on creating your unstructured data warehouse from Forest Rim Technology founder, CEO and data warehouse legend Bill Inmon on how to build the reporting environment your business needs now! Answers for many valuable business questions hide in text. How well can your existing reporting environment extract the necessary text from email, spreadsheets, and documents, and put it […]

Business Metadata: Capturing Enterprise Knowledge

Business Metadata: Capturing Enterprise Knowledge is the first book that helps businesses capture corporate (human) knowledge and unstructured data, and offer solutions for codifying it for use in IT and management. Written by Bill Inmon, Forest Rim Technology founder, CEO and the father of the data warehouse, the book is filled with war stories, examples, and cases from current projects […]

Building the Data Warehouse

Building the Data Warehouse: Everything you need to know to design, develop, and build your data warehouse, written by Forest Rim Founder and CEO. Bill Inmon.  The data warehouse solves the problem of getting information out of legacy systems quickly and efficiently. If designed and built right, data warehouses can provide significant freedom of access to data, thereby delivering enormous […]

The Unified Star Schema: An Agile and Resilient Approach to Data Warehouse and Analytics Design

Master the most agile and resilient design for building analytics applications and data warehouse design: the Unified Star Schema (USS) approach. The USS has many benefits over traditional dimensional modeling. Witness the power of the USS as a single star schema that serves as a foundation for all present and future business requirements of your organization. Data warehouse legend and […]

Hearing the Voice of the Customer

Published in January 2018 by Forest Rim Technology Founder and CEO Bill Inmon, this is a go- to guide to our customer sentiment technology and how it can be applied by businesses to harness customer opinions to improve their business.  One hundred years ago, the voice of the customer was easily and routinely heard by the shopkeeper. In small towns, […]