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Some of the best and brightest minds in the business are on our team. Get to know us and how we put our diverse backgrounds, experience, and interests to work to solve some of the most challenging business problems.

Management team

Best known as the “Father of Data Warehousing”, Bill Inmon has become the most prolific and well-known author worldwide in the Big Data analysis, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence arena. In addition to authoring more than 60 books and 1,000s of articles, Bill has been a monthly columnist with the Business Intelligence Network, EIM Institute and Data Management Review. In 2007, Bill was named by Computerworld as one of the “Ten IT People Who Mattered in the Last 40 Years” of the computer profession. He has worked for American Management Systems and Coopers & Lybrand. Bill received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Yale University and his Master of Science degree in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. He makes his home in Colorado.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia Easley Edmunds has resided in Santiago, Chile since 2005. His affinity for Latin culture evolved during his academic career after multiple exchange programs. He has a dual degree in Finance & Spanish from James Madison University, and an MBA from the University Adolfo Ibáñez. His career in software started in 2008, when he was tasked with launching operations in Latin America for a well known publicly traded Fintech company, Intralinks. He built up the region from scratch, delivering double digit growth YoY for over a decade and positioning them as the market leader before transitioning to the data analytics space.

Mary possesses extensive experience in the development and execution of strategies to govern and master data in different industries across technology and business teams around the world.  Prior to joining Forest Rim Technology, Mary was the founder of a consulting company to help organizations bring value through data. Mary is the Co-Author of the book ‘Data Architecture V2: A Primer for the Data Scientist’.  She has Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Engineering from Montana State University.  Her passion is to help solve problems through data to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Tanler was founder of Information Advantage, Inc.  a leader in the Business Intelligence/data warehousing market; author of The Intranet Data Warehouse; and  recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ersnt &Young after taking Information Advantage to an IPO. As Chief Innovation Officer of Forest Rim technology, Tanler is a  Knowledge Graph Prophet. Semantic graph visualizations identify patterns in attitudes, opinions,desires; expressed in words that predict behavior. “Forest Rim is the second branch of Data Science, the analysis of communications that often precede actions”. 


1992 Forest Rim Technology History
Bill Inmon publishes his first book

Bill Inmon published the first book ever on data warehouse, “Building the Data Warehouse” which has sold over 500,000 copies and is available in 7 languages

1995 Forest Rim Technology History
Prism Solutions and ETL Technology

-Bill Inmon took his company “Prism Solutions” public, which offered the first ETL solution

2007 Forest Rim Technology History
Computerworld Recognizes Bill Inmon

- Bill Inmon was named by Computerworld as one of the ten people that most influenced the first 40 years of the computer industry. This year Inmon also started laying the groundwork for the development of Textual ETL.

2008 Forest Rim Technology History
Forest Rim Technology Founded

- Bill Inmon independently founded Forest Rim Technologies to begin development of Textual ETL. Over the next 11 years Inmon would start developing features and enhancements of Textual ETL.

2019 Forest Rim Technology History
Building a team

- After years of development, testing and enhancement, the Forest Rim Technology team starts to grow, establishing the building blocks for a scalbe commercially viable data anlytics tool and suite. 

2020 Forest Rim Technology History
Sharing the Mission

-Bill Inmon works to evangelize Textual ETL through a certification course which draws interest from data scientists and business analysts from around the world, and through industry webinars and events, even as the world shuts down for Covid-19. 

2020 Forest Rim Technology History
Taking Forest Rim Technology to Market

-A new brand for a new era: Partner agreements start to take hold, creating a clear commercial path and application for Textual ETL and Forest Rim Technology. Official GTM launch