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Many industries can benefit from the application of TextualETL™ for the intelligent analysis of unstructured data, also known as free form textual content.  Here are just a few of the many business solutions that can have significant business value and return on investment.


Safety and Compliance: Early Detection of Threats and Emergencies

Monitor in real time all sorts of media to detect in advance emergencies and threats to the safety or reputation of your company.  For many industries, gathering and analyzing information relating to safety is important. To create an effective safety system, textual data such as accident reports, inspections, repair reports, warranties, product claims, is gathered and incorporated into an application. For the first time the corporation concerned about safety can find valuable answers to these and other questions:


  • Is there a pattern of failure or high incidence of claims for a given product or location?
  • What does the pattern of certain employees being involved in accidents tell us?
  • Are certain types of equipment more prone to failure? Why? When? How often?
  • Where is the next accident likely to occur?  Are we compliant in all areas?

Insurance Fraud Detection

Insurance companies lose millions of dollars per year due to fraudulent claims, an increasing trend. The industry estimates that between 5% and 10% of the compensation paid by the companies are due to fraudulent reasons, which could not be detected due to the lack of predictive analytic tools.  TextualETL can analyze the text of insurance claims, settlement notes, and other text content and enable priority review by the company’s Research Unit. For example, common patterns are sometimes detected in claims from a multiple accident, which can be an indicator of organized fraud. Moreover, efficient management of claims may also help to reduce operation cost.

Customer Sentiment: VoC Analysis

TextualETL can be used for Voice of the Customer analysis to detect trends in almost any consumer sector or major industry to identify the brand perception.  This includes sentiment polarity and can also identify which products, services, activities or entities are associated with the sentiment and how to differentiate from competitors.  TextualETL can also qualify the corporate reputation of a company or brand, or provide an early warning of possible reputation-related crises.    Discover what your customers and clients think about your brands, the satisfaction of citizens with public services, or political concerns and voting trends.

Litigation Avoidance: An “Early Warning System”

TextualETL can provide an analysis of potential exposure to litigation, complaints, and claims. Capable of accepting unstructured data from all inbound channels, comments, complaints, and risks can be classified automatically according to HR/employment, customers, products, services, or operations, as well as their gravity, in order to direct them to the appropriate agents so that they receive in each case the appropriate treatment.  For example, manufacturers and others lose millions of dollars each year due to lawsuits related to employment issues and product liability; claims that could be avoided through the potential deployment of a litigation “early warning” system.

Corporate Contract Data Mining

For the first time corporate contracts and other legal documents can be gathered and put into a form that can be analyzed. Today many corporations have sufficient contract repositories and management systems, but no real idea of what’s inside of those contracts? TextualETL™ enables the hyper-organization of the metadata within those documents so you can now ascertain:

  • What is the most efficient way to organize, manage, and search through billions of documents
  • What are the trends within specific groups or types of documents in our repository?
  • What is the corporate liability for certain products, services, or business practices?
  • What dates are coming up where there is a deadline for certain actions?
  • For collateral pledged to an account, what is the worth of the collateral as the stock market fluctuates?

Identification of Industry and Market Trends

Identify emerging issues and who has the leading role in the conversation within your market.  Beyond customer sentiment and VoC, what are the key trends in your particular industry or market segment that you need to be aware and monitoring on a regular basis?  TextualETL can be tuned to specific content feeds and trained to extract the metadata that is important to you and your company.

Healthcare Records and Medical Research

The world of healthcare and medicine is a perfect domain for the application of TextualETL™.  Some of the possibilities include:

  • Automated conversion of physician notes for management and analysis
  • Analyzing how disease affects different people across demographics,
  • Finding for patterns of a disease across a population of patients,
  • Determining the effects of disease on a body over time,
  • Confirming links between symptoms of one disease and another.

CRM Applications

An essential part of CRM is that of customer communication and feedback in textual format. Most CRMs do not enable analytical processing of the “comments” or “notes” section of the CRM database.  Much of this customer sentiment and feedback may be lost and never considered unless TextualETL is made a part of the overall CRM system.  Here’s what you can find out:

  • What is in the mind of the customer at the current pipeline phase or stage?
  • Which customers are truly satisfied or dissatisfied?
  • What is the customer reaction to the new entry of a product?
  • How early are the customers adopting the product?
  • When should a negative response or feedback from a customer be identified and escalated?

This represents the TextualETL™  Process

Easily Convert and load all of your Document and Content Feed Types


Leverage our subject matter expertise to create custom document definitions


Customize the system to apply definitions across all documents


Maximize conversion performance by refining custom metadata definitions

Maintain the application of consistent rules and definitions across all data feeds and sets


Utilize the flexibility and customization of TextualETL configuration to scale quickly

TextualETL™ can be customized for virtually any type of business challenge or scenario.  Call us today to explore how we can adopt a solution for your scenario to drive true business value.

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