Building the Data Warehouse

Building the Data Warehouse: Everything you need to know to design, develop, and build your data warehouse, written by Forest Rim Founder and CEO. Bill Inmon. 

The data warehouse solves the problem of getting information out of legacy systems quickly and efficiently. If designed and built right, data warehouses can provide significant freedom of access to data, thereby delivering enormous benefits to any organization. In this unique handbook, Bill Inmon, “the father of the data warehouse,” provides detailed discussion and analysis of all major issues related to the design and construction of the data ware-house, including granularity of data, partitioning data, metadata, lack of creditability of decision support systems (DSS) data, the system of record, migration, and more.

This fourth Edition of Building the Data Warehouse is revised and expanded to include new techniques and applications of data warehouse technology and update existing topics to reflect the latest thinking. It includes a useful review checklist to help evaluate the effectiveness of the design and explains

* How to design and build a data warehouse-including step-by-step guidelines

* Migration to the data warehouse from existing architectures

* Techniques for using the data warehouse to provide companies with a powerful competitive edge

* How to monitor the data warehouse

* The role of the data warehouse in reengineering

* How to get the most from both star joins and data models

* How data marts and OLAP fit with data warehousing techniques

* And much more

Find out what a data warehouse can do for your company and how to build one tailored to your organization’s needs in Building the Data Warehouse, Fourth Edition.

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