Business Metadata: Capturing Enterprise Knowledge

Business Metadata: Capturing Enterprise Knowledge is the first book that helps businesses capture corporate (human) knowledge and unstructured data, and offer solutions for codifying it for use in IT and management. Written by Bill Inmon, Forest Rim Technology founder, CEO and the father of the data warehouse, the book is filled with war stories, examples, and cases from current projects that harness business metadata. It includes a complete business metadata acquisition methodology and project plan to guide readers every step of the way, and sample unstructured metadata for use in self-testing and developing skills.

This book is recommended for IT professionals, including those in consulting, working on systems that will deliver better knowledge management capability. This includes people in these positions: data architects, data analysts, SOA architects, metadata analysts, repository (metadata data warehouse) managers as well as vendors that have a metadata component as part of their systems or tools.

Bill Inmon is a recognized leader in the field of data anlytics, data warehousing and is now currently developing a groundbreaking solution for Textual ETL which allows organizations to harness unstrcutured text data for critical business decisions.

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