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TextualETL provides either a standalone or cloud-based, collaborative text conversion and analytics solution that  enables organizations to “understand” the structure and the meaning of digital medical content, which facilitates search, integration, production and publication tasks. These technologies can be applied in all business activities.


Forest Rim has been perfected TextualETL over the years to provide a seamless out-of-the-box experience.


Key features include:

  • Advanced mappings for metadata, document definitions, and more
  • Automatic or custom scheduling of migration
  • Rollback action options
  • Document reference handling by ID
  • Advanced completion options
  • Built-in scripting to handle custom requirements
  • Configure and reuse definitions and rules to reduce the time, cost, and complexity of your migration and conversion
  • Document threading and ability to add additional processing servers ensures scalability and performance by optimizing the throughput of documents

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A Brief Explanation on How Text is Different than Structured Data

So what are some of the ways that text is different than structured data? This question is sort of like asking – why don’t you use snakes to pull a carriage? It is almost a non sequitur.

Academic Sedition

I have a relative who is currently in college. She is doing very well academically and we are certainly proud of her.

Whenever we contact her she is always studying or preparing for her next test. We encourage and support her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Analyzing Text in Medical Records: A Collective Approach Using Visualization

With the rising costs of medicine and the advent of an aging population, there has never been a better time for accurate and thorough medical research.
For years doctors and hospitals have treated patients and kept records as to the treatment, examinations, and outcomes of the care given.

The world of medicine is full of text. To be meaningful, the text needs to be gathered and integrated. Without integration of medical text, an organization merely has an interesting collection of words and in this industry PEOPLE ARE DYING without this information. Once our product collects the integrated medical text and analyzes it, all sorts of analytical possibilities arise.

Belinda Carlile

Medical CIO

This represents the TEXTUALETL Process

Easily Convert and load all of your Document and Content Feed Types


Leverage our subject matter expertise to create custom document definitions


Customize the system to apply definitions across all documents


Maximize conversion performance by refining custom metadata definitions

Maintain the application of consistent rules and definitions across all data feeds and sets


Utilize the flexibility and customization of TextualETL configuration to scale quickly

Who can benefit?

New technologies for the automated and scalable analysis of the Voice of the Customer are more widely available.  TextualETL can help not only producers of marketing tools, but also companies engaged in market analysis and customer experience management, as well as corporate users in a variety of industries and markets.  Here are just a few examples:

Corporate clients

Industries with a large number of employees and users to manage such as banking, finance, insurance, communications, manufacturing and utilities, TextualETL™ enables you  to extend the reach of VoC initiatives to unstructured and unsolicited comments.

Market research and customer experience providers

TextualETL™ provides a more automated and scalable system for conversion of unstructured and spontaneous feedback which enables our clients to provide a more complete and high-value service (e.g. pipeline management, customer journey, brand perception).  A solution that is adaptable and in real time, improves results, efficiency and final cost structure.

Manufacturers of VoC, social media monitoring and CRM tools

Semantic analysis technologies enable our clients to incorporate their clients’ unstructured feedback coming from a range of spontaneous and unsolicited sources from social media to traditional channels including call centers, email, and surveys.

Advanced Sentiment Analysis

Including object-oriented indexing and analysis of metadata terms selected and produced by the system.  Customize the system for your specific industry, sector, or customer environment.



Add your own taxonomy terms and definitions from your own dictionaries, classification models and sentiment vocabularies according to your specific needs.


Consistency and Homogeneity

Apply the same analysis criteria to all content sources and avoid any inconsistency or divergence that may arise from processing feedback and sentiment from a vast multitude of users.

Fully Optimized

The TextualETL user-interface is highly functional and optimized for use by trained users of the system.  Use our default library of taxonomies and ontologies for industry specific terms and indexes for a quick setup of corporate brand and identity.

Textual Disambiguation of Terms and Entities

Our proprietary approach to textual disambiguation eliminates the confusion of names of companies, products, brands, people by building and creating specific contextual relationship of terms.  Never again confuse the “Washington Generals” with the military kind found in D.C.

Ready for Twitter

Designed to understand both the formal language of the news and Twitter’s informal and abbreviated one, in several languages.

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