By Bill Inmon, Forest Rim Technology

Denver, Colorado

In 2018, Forest Rim did a study looking at customer feedback as to why Nike was losing market share to Adidas.  Forest Rim gathered 5,000 internet comments from customers of Nike and 5,000 customer comments from Adidas customers.  Forest Rim turned the comments into a standard data base and then analyzed them. A study was created based on the results found by Forest Rim. Forest Rim published the study on Linked-In in early 2018 and sent the findings to Nike’s marketing department.

For reasons known only to Nike, the study was routinely rejected by Nike marketing and its president.

When Forest Rim technology read customer feedback found on the internet, the single biggest complaint that arose was that Nike was having a problem with quality control of the manufacture of their shoes.  Multiple customers complained that the Nike sole was separating from the shoe.  Further, comments revealed that Nike would not stand behind their product when it malfunctioned.  Nike sold an expensive product but when the product failed, the customer was out of luck.

As a result of the study, we learned that Nike had changed the glue that connects their shoe to the sole. And coincidentally it was learned that Nike had shifted their production to Viet Nam.

Fast forward to 2019 and on national television, Duke’s Zion Williamson was injured by a Nike sole separating from the shoe.  He had to leave the game, and Duke lost.

It is simply a fact that Nike knew about their defective shoes in early 2018. The article disclosing the problem was published on Linkedin and Linkedin records who viewed the article. The article was extensively viewed by workers at Nike in early 2018.

It really would have been easier on Nike (and Duke) if Nike had heeded the advice that Forest Rim had given to them about listening to the voice of their customer a year before the injury to Zion.