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Academic Sedition

I have a relative who is currently in college. She is doing very well academically and we are certainly proud of her.

Whenever we contact her she is always studying or preparing for her next test. We encourage and support her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Anticipating & Preventing Lawsuits

In the beginning, relational data bases attempted to address the challenges of textual data with “blobs”.  Then there was the technique known as “tagging”. After tagging came NLP – Natural Language Processing.  
With each new approach in the attempt to manage narrative text came new opportunities that attempted to address the challenges of making corporate decisions based on text.

Is Text Really Unstructured?

Structured data is repetitive data that occurs over and over. Banking transactions, airline reservations, retail sku sales, telephone calls are all classical examples of what is known as structured data. In most cases structured data is created as a result of the execution of a transaction.

Managing Safety Data

The value of safety is unquestioned.  When an accident occurs and there are material damages there is the cost of repair and the cost of lost business and lost opportunity. In addition, there is the disruptive effect on the day to day, routine activities of the organization.

Managing Text in Corporate Contracts

Arguably, contracts are the most important property of a corporation. It is contracts that define obligations of the corporation to other corporations. It is contracts that define the obligations of other corporations to the corporation. It is contracts that define dates, terms, rates, collateral and other business conditions.

Managing Warranties

Warranties are a fact of life, especially in the world of large retail purchases. Customers increase their confidence when there is a warranty. In some cases customers will not even consider making a purchase unless there is a warranty. There are entire lines of products that could not effectively be sold without warranties.

Managing Your Email Environment

Given that emails are ubiquitous and given that emails are found all over the world, emails are found in every language found on the earth.

Some emails contain casual conversation. But other emails contain conversation that is vital to the business