TextualETL™ is the future of data analysis

Founded by Bill Inmon (The “Father of Data Warehousing”), with contributions by Krish Krishnan, Jim Shank, Patty Haines and Brian Mason.

TextualETL™ is powerful software that takes raw text, uses textual disambiguation© technology to transform and create disambiguated textual data in a standard relational data base ready for analysis. TextualETL™ is both a standalone or cloud-based solution that enables the extraction, transformation, and loading of textual content from any source.  Gain valuable insights about customers, products, services, employees, news, social media, and more.  The TextualETL™ engine is a software platform with multiple modules and customizable to quickly and accurately process large amounts of unstructured text data including any type of document, social media, survey responses, streams of customer requests, email, contracts, or any other source of electronic text.

What does this mean for your company?

Information sources that previously could not be analyzed and leveraged can now become an asset to your company. We can utilize virtually any source of data or information:

  • Contracts
  • Emails and Blog Posts
  • Reports
  • Internet Content & Social Media
  • Machine Data
  • All Formats:

  • PDFs or Images
  • Excel files
  • Word and text files
  • Voice data

Textual ETL Graphic

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