Building the Data Warehouse:
A Retrospection

By W H Inmon

….”data warehouse was NEVER supported by vendors or the investment community. Indeed, several prominent vendors have been openly hostile to the concept of the data warehouse. And even today, data warehouse is paid lip service by vendors but there is little or no support for data warehousing.

So what is it that vendors detest about data warehouse (other than the fact that they didn’t invent data warehousing)? The reason why data warehouse is fought tooth and nail by the vendor is that data warehouse requires that data be integrated. And integration involves a four-letter word – work. To build a data warehouse requires that the data going into the data warehouse be turned into enterprise data. Enterprise data is data that is…”


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Improving Patient Insights With Textual ETL in the Lakehouse Paradigm

By W H Inmon

…”The amount of healthcare data generated today is unprecedented and rapidly expanding with the growth in digital patient care. Yet much of the data remains unused after it is created. This is particularly true for the 80% of medical data that is unstructured in forms like text and images...

…The challenge for health systems in making use of these data sets is that traditional data warehouses, which typically utilize relational databases, do not support semi-structured or unstructured data types…

…Unlock patient insights with Forest Rim Technology and Databricks Lakehouse Platform…

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Transforming Medical Records into a Computer Usable Database Format

By Bill Inmon

“…In today’s world, most medical records are in the form of EMR . With EMR the medical community is able to capture and transfer medical records with the computer. But there is an Achilles heel to EMR. That Achilles heel is…

That Achilles heel is that the EMR contains text, or narrative information. The problem with text or narrative information is that in order to be usefully handled by the computer, text needs to be put into a structured format that is useful to the computer. Text – narrative – is almost useless to the computer when it is in the form of text. By placing contents of the EMR into the form that is useful to the computer, the medical community can read and analyze an unlimited amount of data. Stated differently, when there is text in the EMR, the medical community is limited to the amount of data that can be manually read or analyzed by an individual. And an individual can only manually process a very finite number of documents…”

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Managing Large Volumes of Text

by Bill Inmon

…”Large stacks of documents stack up everywhere. And when they do they always create a big hassle. The documents always have to be read. There is always important information in those documents – either good news or bad news.

Ignoring those documents is a perilous thing to do. It is not a good business practice to not pay attention to the flood of paper that comes your way….So when the documents arrive at the doorstep, it is like an unwelcome avalanche…”