Marketing Materials

Bill Inmon the founder and leader of Forest Rim Technology has created some key marketing videos to aide in all areas of your business.

Achieving the 360 degree of the customer

 It has long been recognized just how important it is to have a 360 degree view of the customer. Early methods on achieving the 360 degrees of the customer looked at measuring sales. This led to a post facto understanding of who you customer is. But in order to be effective you have to know what your customer is thinking  BEFORE the buy/no buy decision is made. The good news is that now you can know what the customer is thinking before that decision is made.

Medical records

The HER is made for one doctor and one patient. But when it comes to the need for analyzing 10,000 patients, the EHR is inadequate. But it is possible to analyze 10,000 medical records all at once. With textual ETL you can turn the text of the medical record into a data base. Once in the form of a data base, you can analyze an unlimited number of patient records, just what is needed to understand a pandemic. 


 Call centers

 Most corporations have call centers. And most corporations have no idea what the customer is saying. There are too many calls to keep track of what is being said. But now – with textual ETL – you can start to understand what your customer is saying in the call center.

 Employee surveys

 Sophisticated employees listen to what their employees are saying. This leads to more productivity in the workplace. One of the ways that the corporation listens to what its employees are saying is through a survey. Forest Rim can show you how to maximize you understanding of what your employees are saying.


  Any restaurant manager can tell you that they better listen to what their customer is saying. If the manager does not listen to the customer the restaurant will soon be out of business. Forest Rim can show you how easy it is to tell the manager of the restaurant what the customer is saying.


There are many important messages that are buried in your email. Yet most corporations never take the time to analyze what is being said in emails. Forest Rim knows how to analyze what is being said in your corporation that you need to know about.

Bank audits

 In today world, confidence in the banking system is at a premium. And one of the lynchpins of banking is the bank audit. Now the bank audit process can be automated so that auditing a bank is fast, easy, and efficient.