TextualETL™ - Big Data Analysis & Data Warehouse Information Architecture

About TextualETL™

Learn about TextualETL™ Big Data Analysis and how we can help your business. TextualETL™ is powerful technology software that takes raw text, uses textual disambiguation technology and creates disambiguated text into a standard data base ready for analysis.


White Papers

Download free white papers written by Bill Inmon on Textual ETL. We offer White Papers on Data Analysis, Data Warehouse Big Data, Structured and Unstructured Data, Managing Spreadsheets and Textual Analysis.


Learn about Textual ETL

Sign up for classes with Bill Inmon where you can learn more about TextualETL™. Unlock secrets found in your unstructured data via textual disambiguation. Information sources that previously could not be analyzed now become an asset to your company.


Disambigution of Textual Data

The profound division between structured and unstructured data has prevented organizations from including unstructured, textual data from being used for analytical purposes. The worlds of text and structured data have grown up together as if each of the worlds were in a vacuum. Today, with FOREST RIM®’s TextualETL™, you can bring together structured data and unstructured data to:

  • Integrate textual data into a data base,
  • Create an unstructured data base that is then integrated with structured data in a data warehouse,
  • Read and process unstructured data so that textual analytics can be done.
  • Leverage the investment you have already made in Business Intelligence.
  • Optimize your analytical infrastructure so it can be used – as is – and include unstructured data as part of the decision making process.

FOREST RIM®’s TextualETL™ reads, integrates, and prepares unstructured data that is ready to go into standard technologies such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata, and NT SQL Server. Once the unstructured data resides in any of those technologies, standard analytical tools such as Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStrategy, SAS, Tableau and other analytical and BI visualization technologies can be used to access, analyze, and present your unstructured data.

These new applications can look at and retrieve textual data and can address and highlight fundamental challenges of the corporation that have previously been unrealized.

Textual ETL Applications

  • For many industries, gathering and analyzing information relating to safety is important. To create an effective safety system, textual data such as accident reports, inspections, repair reports, and warranties, is gathered and incorporated into an application.–Safety systems

  • For the first time corporate contracts can be gathered and put into a form that can be analyzed. How many corporations have huge amounts of contracts and no real idea of what is in those contracts?–Corporate Contracts

  • The world of medicine is full of text. To be meaningful, the text needs to be gathered and integrated. Without integration of medical text, an organization merely has an interesting collection of words and in this industry PEOPLE ARE DYING without this information. Once our product collects the integrated medical text and analyzes it, all sorts of analytical possibilities arise.–Medical Research

  • An essential part of CRM is that of customer communication. without the inclusion of communications there is no 360 degree view of the customer. Communications are a large part of the textual world. When text relating to communications is opened up to the world of analytical processing, all sorts of possibilities reveal themselves.–CRM Applications

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