Contracts, Social Media, Customer Service and Medical Records

Big Data Analysis and how we can help your business. TextualETL™ is powerful technology software that takes raw text, uses textual disambiguation technology and creates disambiguated text into a standard data base ready for analysis.



Over 10 years 90% of Data Collected is Unstructured

Build Value Faster than your Competition

Companies and organizations that collect huge volumes of text on a daily basis through multiple channels can take advantage of the power of TextualETL™.  The information collected includes corporate contracts, customer feedback, social media, emails, machine data, and more.

 “Unstructured information such as file, email and video will account for 90% of all data collected over the next decade.”

– IDC Study via Computer World 2011

“Only .5% of the worlds data is being analysed”

– IDC Study 2017


FOREST RIM®’s TextualETL™ reads, integrates, and prepares unstructured data that is ready to go into standard technologies such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata, and NT SQL Server. Once the unstructured data resides in any of those technologies, standard analytical tools such as Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStrategy, SAS, Tableau and other analytical and BI visualization technologies can be used to access, analyze, and present your unstructured data.

These new applications can look at and retrieve textual data and can address and highlight fundamental challenges of the corporation that have previously been unrealized.

Extract – Transform – Load


TextualETL takes raw text and uses Textual Disambiguation technology to create text ready for entry into a standard database ready for analysis.

Textual Disambiguation enables text data to be read in its narrative format

Bill Inmon

via IBM 2014

TextualETL™ Features

Evaluate your real estate contracts for unstructured data your company can use to take action on.

Customer data can be mined from social media channels to improve the actionable insight gained from real customer preference data.
Doctors and Medical Professionals can evaluate can derive insights from patient data to improve treatment and share infomation more easliy worldwide.

William “Bill” Inmon


Best known as the “Father of Data Warehousing”, Bill Inmon has become the most prolific and well-known author worldwide in the big data analysis, data warehousing and business intelligence arena. In addition to authoring more than 60 books and 1,000s of articles, Bill has been a monthly columnist with the Business Intelligence Network, EIM Institute and Data Management Review. In 2007, Bill was named by Computerworld as one of the “Ten IT People Who Mattered in the Last 40 Years” of the computer profession.

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