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Forest Rim Technologies is honored to feature reports from a distinguished array of guest authors, each contributing their unique insight and expertise in technology. We proudly endorse and share their invaluable perspectives and research, recognizing the depth of knowledge and innovation they bring to our platform.


Explore their contributions and discover the diverse and cutting-edge discussions enriching the technological landscape. Below, find a brief introduction to each of them, offering a glimpse into their background and areas of specialization. 

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About Each Author:

Ranjeet Srivastava

Ranjeet Srivastava stands at the intersection of innovation and leadership as a Chief Architect, Author, Scientist, and Adjunct Professor for several esteemed national and international universities. With prestigious tenures at Oracle and GE behind him, Ranjeet has co-authored five books that resonate with his profound expertise. He proudly holds four IPs, pioneering advancements in cloud-based data platforms and microservices architectural principles.

Spanning over two decades in the fields of Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Product Engineering, Ranjeet has shaped large-scale, avant-garde enterprise products and data-driven applications. Passionate about education, he finds joy in mentoring young minds, nurturing their curiosity, and fostering their growth. Dedicated to giving back, he continually seeks opportunities to share his knowledge with the budding data community. Ranjeet Srivastava's LinkedIn Profile

Eugene Asahara

Eugene Asahara has 45 years of software development experience, with 25 years specializing in business intelligence (BI) mostly using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). He currently works as a Principal Solutions Architect at Kyvos Insights.

Eugene started exploring knowledge graphs in 2005, creating a modernized Prolog interpreter called SCL (Soft-Coded Logic). In 2012, he launched Map Rock, a project for enhancing knowledge graphs with insights from normal BI activity. While these early efforts didn't see wide adoption, they offered valuable lessons, which he now leverages with the rise of Large Language Models.

He lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife Laurie, an acclaimed watercolorist in the state, and their two cats, Venus and Bodhi.

Shawna Applequist

Shawna Applequist has focused on taxonomies and emerging AI technologies since graduating college. Her knowledge in taxonomy development and desire to constantly learn has given her a unique perspective on the intersection of LLMs, AI, and taxonomies.

Her ongoing involvement in this industry makes her a resource for anyone seeking to understand this space.

Mary Levins

Mary Levins has extensive experience in the development and execution of strategies to transform, govern, and master data across different industries.

She is the founder of Sierra Creek Consulting, an organization focused on bring value through data.

As a trained engineer and entrepreneur, she enjoys developing foundational sustainable solutions to support new technologies

Scott Burk, Ph.D.
Dr. Scott Burk spearheads ForestRim's sales and strategy, leveraging over 30 years of experience in unlocking business value through data. A 5X author, professor, and data scientist, Scott has held pivotal roles at organizations like TIBCO, Dell, and His expertise in AI and statistics has seen him serve at Texas A&M, Baylor University, and CUNY. With an MBA, MS in Data Mining, and a PhD in Statistics, Scott's deep technical and academic foundation enriches his innovative approach to data solutions.

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